Wedding Destination - The Pyramids Of Egypt
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Wedding Destination - The Pyramids Of Egypt

Discover what Egypt has to offer as a wedding destination. This destination provides you with a unique and memorable wedding experience.

You could not choose a more unique and exotic destination for your wedding as Egypt. This part of the world is so rich in culture and history that it is sure to provide you with an unforgettable and magical experience. Imagine making your grand entrance on the back of a camel, trekking through the sand towards a lavishly adorned Arabian tent oozing pure luxury and glamour. The sun slowly making its way down behind the great pyramids casting shadows over the horizon, silky cushions and supple carpet lay across the warm desert sand where you and your guests can enjoy the fine delicacies of Egypt and exotic Mediterranean cuisine. Egyptian cuisine is has been highly influenced by its surrounding neighbours for centuries featuring an eclectic mix of Greek, Italian, French, Lebanese, and Moroccan. Egyptian food of today is a cultural infusion of Mediterranean and Middle East blends providing rich and spicy flavours.

The weather in Egypt is typically hot and extremely dry for the most part of the year. Winter months are obviously cooler and rather chilly with average temperatures around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer you will experience extreme heat with March and April typically very windy with sand continuously blowing out of control. Summer does not provide the best conditions therefore autumn and winter would be the better time to plan your wedding in Egypt.

Egypt is a slower part of the world and is well known for its laid back nature; therefore it is extremely important that you start planning 6 months at least prior to your wedding date. Appointments typically take a lot of time to organise and set up so it is essential you get onto this as soon as possible. The only time Egyptian wedding planners are used is for high profile and lavish weddings, and for this reason it is recommended that you enlist the services of an in-house wedding planner who is able to speak English and is more likely to be familiar with foreign wedding customs.

Egypt provides flexible marriage conditions allowing both civil union marriages and religious ceremonies; however it is a complex and sometimes difficult process for foreign couples to get married in Egypt. In order for the marriage to be legal couples must have a civil ceremony at an Egyptian marriage court followed by the religious ceremony at your chosen location. It is not always guaranteed that the required documentation produced will be accepted by the Egyptian government. In this scenario you are still able to go through with your planned ceremony and celebration however it will not be considered legal and this must be done elsewhere.

In order to get married the couples require:

• Consenting parents of both bride and groom

• Consenting bride and groom

• Groom must be able to financially support the bride

• Bride must be accompanied by a guardian when signing the marriage

• Witnesses must be present

• Payment of gift for the bride

• Marriage must be declared publicly

The bride and groom are not required to be residents of Egypt however they must provide valid passports and supporting documentation must be translated into Arabic. When applying for a marriage license you will require 2 male witnesses with proof of identification. If you have been previously married you must have been divorced for more than 3 months and be able to provide proof that the previous marriage has been terminated. A marriage licence will cost approximately US$100 with additional charges for Muslim and Christian ceremonies.

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Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Good Job = Buzzed

This is really a perfect destination for couples who are planning to have their wedding ceremonies. Thanks for sharing this excellent article, keep it up!. Voted and shared.