Travel Advisories for Families Traveling to Mozambique
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Travel Advisories for Families Traveling to Mozambique

Traveling to the Republic of Mozambique is risky and adventurous, but if you follow certain advisories while traveling there, you can be safe and your journey will be enjoyable.

Travel Advisories for Families Traveling to Mozambique

When Africa remained a ‘dark continent’,the adventurous European travelers explored it in the 15 th and 16 th centuries,braving death and having nightmarish experience.However,they found it to be a treasure house with gold and diamond and abound in flora and fauna. In the modern days, visiting an African country is always an enterprising adventure providing tremendous experience. Whatever may be the reasons and motives for traveling to the Republic of Mozambique, it is really a risky proposal under the existing political, economic and geographical conditions of the country.If you have decided to go there with your family, you require a lot of preparatory work and knowledge about the country. However, unlike the 15 th or 16 th centuries, you can have current and up to date knowledge about the Republic of Mozambique,by utilising the services of advanced communication and information technology, in particular, through a number of official and unofficial web sites and take an informed decision to visit the country.

Geographical features of Mozambique:-

Before traveling there, it is important to know something about the geographical features of Mozambique.

Mozambique, a South East African country is a sub-Saharan territory situated on the South East coast of Africa. It has Indian Ocean on the east, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia in the North, Zimbabwe and South Africa in the West, Swaziland and South Africa in the South. It has a total extent of 799,380 sq km and has a coastal area stretching 2515 km. The Republic of Mozambique has a population of 21 million, 30 % of which are living in the urban areas. The capital of Mozambique is Maputo and other important cities are Beira and Nampula. The Northern and Central parts of Mozambique receives monsoon rains from the Indian Ocean between October and April and its climate is also influenced by the hot current of the Mozambique channel.The South of Mozambique remains dry for about six to nine months. Therefore, the general climate of Mozambique is tropical and humid.

Political back ground in Mozambique:

Mozambique was colonized by the Portuguese in the 16 th century.It became independent in the year 1975 and after a protracted civil war for 15 years, it enacted its own Constitution in the year 1990 to become the Republic of Mozambique. It has a multiparty system with a democratic form of government. The last general elections were held in the year 2004.Though its official language is Portuguese, more than 40 other local languages are spoken. The tourist centers of Mozambique use English as a link language. It has 5 + 4 + 3 + 5 education system. Though the Republic of Mozambique is said to be a growing economy, its per capita income is less than $ 400 per annum.

With the preliminary information provided above, about the Republic of Mozambique, if you have decided to travel Mozambique, it is also necessary to know the places of interest or the centers of tourist attraction, on landing in Mozambique.

Centers of Tourist attraction in the Republic of Mozambique:

Families in search of exotic vacation sites will not be disappointed on landing in Mozambique. ‘Rolling sand dunes and sparkling azure waters await the adventurous travelers.’Mozambique has 2500 km long eastern seashore with ‘pristine beaches and unspoiled coral reefs.’ Besides, Mozambique also has a unique cultural heritage, architectural treasures and World Heritage sites. Recently, the Mozambique government has earmarked a sum of over $ 300 million to develop the seashore of Mozambique to promote tourism industry in the country.

  • Mozambique Island: Ilha de Mocambique in Portuguese is an architectural treasure and World Heritage site. It is a fortified city in the northern Nampula Province.It has over 800 historical buildings and it is a great place to shop for crafts made by the local artisans.
  • Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is the heart and soul of modern Mozambique and a great place to shop at colorful markets. You can also witness the colonial architecture here in the form of murals on the walls of Maputo.
  • Mozambique is a great place for bird and whale watching. The Bazaruto Archipelago with its extensive inter-tidal flats is a great place to watch migratory shore birds. You can watch Southern right whales frequenting Southern Mozambique Channel during June to September and see humpback whales up and down the shores from October to December.
  • The Maputo Elephant Reserve located at the great savannahs of Mozambique has links with South African Kruger National Park and Zimbabwean National park to have an uninterrupted 35,000 km savannah.
  • Mozambique has the lengthiest beaches and tropical islands, which virtually make the sea as the largest playground of Mozambique.
  • Extensive and Unspoiled coral reefs provide the top scuba diving destination in Mozambique.
  • Mozambique provides the best game fishing sites in Southern Africa to catch your preferred varieties like marlin, sailfish or grader.
  • If you are interested in visiting the educational institutions of Mozambique, you have as many as 14 institutions, 7 of them being run by the government and 7 others are run by the private parties.

With the information provided above, you can draw a travel plan to visit Mozambique. Now, you have to deal with the requirements of passport, visa and other important guidelines to be followed in Mozambique.

Travel Plan and Guidelines:

While visiting Mozambique, you must have a valid passport, which should be valid for more than six months, even after finishing your visit of Mozambique.

Republic of Mozambique issues visa to the proposed visitors under the following types:

1. Mozambican Airport Transit Visa

2. Mozambican visitor visa to visit your friends and relatives

3. Mozambican business visa for the business trip

4. Mozambican Tourist visa to visit Mozambique as a tourist

5. Mozambican student visa to study in Mozambique and to exchange students

6. Mozambican employment visa for getting employed in Mozambique.

7. Mozambican permanent resident visa to reside permanently in Mozambique with a Mozambican spouse.

Anyone who proposes to visit Mozambique along with a family should have an appropriate visa under the above mentioned types.

To obtain a visa, you should use the appropriate visa form, duly fill it up and submit it along with:

  • Two passport size photos
  • Valid national passport and one copy
  • Original of valid resident visa
  • Confirmation letter for your health insurance
  • Proof of air travel and hotel booking etc.
  • Current bank statement and one copy
  • Reference letter of your employer or educational institution
  • Visa fees

Other advisories to follow while traveling to Mozambique:

  •  While traveling to Mozambique, it is advised not to book and travel through Mozambique Airlines, since it does not meet the international safety standards. European Union has specifically enforced a ban on Mozambique Airlines on safety grounds.
  • Before traveling to Mozambique please see that you are not traveling between October and April, which is the heavy rainy season in the northern and central parts of Mozambique.
  • You should get vaccinated against yellow fever, before traveling to Mozambique. Otherwise, you have to get vaccinated by spending $ 55.
  • Always engage a car for road traveling and avoid traveling during nights. While traveling in a car please see that your car has third party insurance.Though train service is available in Mozambique, they are overcrowded.However, inbound trains from South Africa are somewhat better and take care to travel in the first class to enjoy the comfort and the journey as well.
  • While using a yacht for sea travel in the Indian Ocean, please see that you should not travel beyond 15 nautical miles since there is a threat of sea robbery from Somalia pirates.
  • In the capital city Maputo, burglary, chain snatching, pick-pocketing are rampant especially in the festival season like Christmas and New Year. Therefore, you should always be careful while traveling ,shopping and sight seeing in Maputo.
  • Be wary of the terrorists operating in the populous cities like Maputo and be careful in your travels.
  • Be wary of the corruptive police officers demanding money and if you encounter any such corruptive police official, please contact your nearby embassy through helpline.
  • Metical is the official currency of Mozambique. In Mozambique hotels you can pay by US dollar or rand and they accept your credit cards.Before traveling Mozambique, you should inform your bank well in advance.
  • Only in the larger towns and cities of Mozambique, you can avail ATM facility and in the smaller towns ATM facility is not available.
  • While traveling in car please see that your vehicle has adequate fuel and only in the bigger cities refueling of your vehicle is possible.
  • While traveling in Mozambique, please see that your cash reserve does not exceed 500 metical.Otherwise, it is an offense.
  • On arriving in Mozambique please see that your stock of wine does not exceed 2.25 liters, your cigars not more than 50 and your medicines as per your requirement and your other valuables does not exceed $ 50 in value.Please note that it is an offense to possess drugs and pornography materials,when you are traveling in Mozambique.
  • Portuguese being the official language of Mozambique, knowledge of Portuguese will be always handy and useful.
  • Always be hygienic and drink water from bottles, since there is always scope for epidemic and cholera.
  • Since there is a high degree of HIV+ cases in Mozambique, always be cautious that you do not become a victim of HIV and not to have any intake of fluid contaminated with HIV.

If you are thorough with the above mentioned advisories about the Republic of Mozambique, then you can travel safely to Mozambique and it will be really an adventurous and enjoyable journey.
















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