Kaduna: The Nigerian Crocodile City
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Kaduna: The Nigerian Crocodile City

Kaduna is the crocodile city of Northern Nigeria. This city is so called the crocodile city because of the crocodile infested river of kaduna city.

Kaduna is the capital city of Kaduna state, situated at the mouth of river Kaduna in Nigeria. It is called the Crocodile City because the major river in the city; river Kaduna is infested with crocodiles. It is not uncommon to see crocodiles basking by the rocky riverside. It is one of the biggest and industrialized cities is Nigeria and according to the 1991 census , Kaduna boasts of a population of more than 1,307,311, a little over a third of the population of the entire state.

The predominant language is Hausa and English.

The city of Kaduna is located in the state of Kaduna, at the very hub of northern Nigeria. The city lies on the 10.30 longitude north of the equator. The city is strategically positioned on the southern end of the elevated plains of northern Nigeria, rendering it an attractive locale rich with scenic beauty. Kaduna is connected to various other cities through railways lines. For local transportation, the tourists rely upon bus services and taxi cabs.

There are a few tourist spots in Kaduna, along with the scope for extensive adventure tourism, making it a prominent destination for tourists.

In recent times, the city has been the core of various religious crises between the Christians and Muslims as well as terrorist attacks. The most recent is the crises and various bomb blasts just after the 2011 presidential elections.

History of Kaduna

At an earlier period, Kaduna was one of the colonial capitals of Nigeria. Immediately after independence, it also became the direct post-independence capital of northern Nigeria. It is unarguably the most significant city in the state of Kaduna, established in 1976 by the administration of General Murtala Mohammed.

Popular Places of entertainment and tourism

The General Usman Katsina Gate, also known as Gamji Gate, is among the most popular places for tourism in Kaduna. Renowned for its natural landscape and crocodiles, the park features a host of bars, restaurants, swimming pool and a zoo. Kaduna River Garden is another famous site that attracts the city visitors. The garden has the old iron footbridge and a swimming pool as its main attractions.

Lord Lugard Hall which is located near the Murtala Square was built in 1914 and is counted among the popular sites of Kaduna. Kajuru Castle and Emir of Zaria Palace are other places attractions near the city.

Kaduna boasts of a number of venues for the sports lovers. The city accommodates a large racecourse, a golf club, a polo field and a tennis club. Various nightclubs, bars and restaurants located in the city offer exciting nightlife. The open air pop concerts are organized at the Gamji Gate throughout the year. Pottery is the most popular category of items purchased by tourists in the city’s market.

Kaduna is also home to the famous Kaduna Mafia, a group of elite individuals believed to dictate the affairs and directions of political events in the Nigerian society.

Without an iota of doubt, the crocodile city; Kaduna occupies an important place in the Nigerian economy. It is home to some of the largest textile industries within the country, boasts of a refinery, airport and railway stations, construction companies and a good scenic view.

Thinking of visiting a state in Nigeria? Then Kaduna should be a good choice; despite the tension and religious crisis in this good old state.

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Very cool look into this very interesting part of the world.

Kaduna sounds beautiful. And one day I would love to see Nigeria and Kenya. Africa is a very colorful place and I love to hear one talk of a country that they know about. Well done!

It sounds as though you really love your country. Tell me what happened to Lagos, it used to be the capital of the country. Could you write something about that too?

Ranked #4 in Africa

WOW you have done a fantastic job in presenting this interesting info. Promoted.

Well done. Good read. Nice share. So thanks!

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Lagos is now the center of excellence; the most populated and busy city in Nigeria. I will write something on it soon. I thank and appreciate every one hear for the votes and comments.

Love those Crocodiles :D

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Thanks Elise. Crocodiles are fascinating creatures.

Wow, this is really an informative article. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Martin.