Imagine Yourself On An Kenyan Safari
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Imagine Yourself On An Kenyan Safari

A Kenyan safari and sites to visit in Kenya.

We all have seen movies of safaris in deepest Africa.  Scenes of the hunter been led by local tribesman to find and bag elephant and lion are probably real life events that will remain a part of the human past.  We can't make those animals come back to what they were.  We can try and maintain what is left of Africa's Eden.  But, picture yourself on a safari riding in a mini bus and making raids to local Kenyan attractions.  That is the truth of a Kenya safari today. 

Thinking about a safari to Kenya might lead you mentally to meeting personally with tribesman of the Maasia tribe or to packing a backpack and mounting Mount Kilimanjaro. The facts are that Kenya safari is considered poor as compared to other safaris because Kenya safari is planned, modern, and not open to stalking through jungles in search of wild animals. There are places to go on a Kenya, however, safari locations like Masai Mara, Samburu, Ambroseli and Naivasha are well known to those adventure seeking travellers who thrill at the thought of an African safari. One major drawing card for Kenya is its almost untouched natural coast.

However, safari in Kenya is not like safari in other African countries known popularly or as shown in movies. In Kenya, the safari is restricted to huge lodges with parking lots teeming not with elephants but with minibuses. Safari in Kenya is not like safari in Tanzania or Zambia. Your safari in Kenya will be modern, planned and seem tame as compared to a safari to Botswana. There are packaged safaris to Kenya

But in comparison with countries such as Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana, the general quality of safari in Kenya is really rather poor. This is the home of the packaged safari, with most of the main parks being dominated by large mainstream lodges and fleets of minibuses. If one has the determination to make an exciting and safe Kenya safari, one can plan by buying one of the packaged safari tours that include side trips into areas of Kenya that would satisfy the most ardent African adventurer. These side trips include visits to areas of Kenya that remain natural without the parking lots and elegant lodges that are the accommodations for most Kenya safaris.

Packaged safaris to Kenya that are available online usually start by taking their tour groups to Masai Mara. The area is sure to leave an impression of the amazing sights still to be found in Kenya. Accommodations for a Kenya safari include a lodge, mini bus transportation, side trips and a guide who is usually a native of Kenya.

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