Egypt Sand Storm Adventure
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Egypt Sand Storm Adventure

Egypt has sand storms and while on vacation I happened to experience one to expertly explain that to readers. My wish to have the fun of being in the midst of an Egyptian sand storm was joyfully realized.

Egypt is a destination with deep history, valued traditions and unique sand storm occurrences, which were first handedly experienced by the author.

A Travel adventure to Egypt began with me wishing to experience a sand storm in that African country while I was on vacation in that continent.  Expecting to spend 2 weeks there, the promise was favorable to actually see an Egyptian sand storm and there was great hope.

Beginning of April in Egypt is an ideal time to travel to that country since the temperatures have not yet climbed into the 100 degree mark or above. The evenings are cooler than the days, however warmth remains just about 24 hours a day. An occasional breeze is noticed away from the city of Cairo simply because of the openness of the terrain, but nothing strong enough to disrupt the sand around the many pyramids which are easily visualized from the well traveled streets. Pyramids are not just in the outlying areas of Egypt. They are far more numerous than I imagined them to be; some smaller than others and all pale in comparison to the Great Pyramid.

Weather conditions did not seem to be a factor when the temperature was mid to upper nineties and a very still environment was observed. The sky remained clear with very few clouds in the blue ceiling as I enjoyed sightseeing going into the tombs and then coming out as well. There had not been any precipitation for 4 days making the sandy ground ready to be blown should a wind come up at any time.

Without warning the sky became opaque, then dense with a beige hue. The sand storm I had hoped for was happening. Sand seemed to come from many directions with great force.  As it hit the bare skin of my face it stung, so covering with my shawl prevented that piercing feeling. Closing my eyes as much as possible to keep the sand out made me realize the sand was in my upper and lower eyelashes. The weight of the accumulated particles was obvious. My hair was hit with the swirling as were the cuffs of my slacks filling quite quickly. Dense moving sand prevented vision much further than a few inches in front of me for the duration of the Egypt sand storm. Timing the storm I report it abated in less than 20 minutes and a local Egyptian relayed to me these sand storms are very frequent in all of Egypt. Truly enjoying the event, my wish to experience a sand storm in Egypt was fulfilled.

Photograph Egyptian pyramids courtesy

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Comments (14)
Ranked #5 in Africa

An interesting one here. Sounds like an experience worth having!

Sounds like an amazing experience!

Nicel written interesting piece. Voted up!

i would love to go to Africa. My main point of interest would be to see the wildlife. What an amazing experience.

Interesting article.

Very detailed format of such a great sand-storm adventure.

Very interesting article. I enjoyed reading this. Well done!

An amazing experience beautifully described.

Hope to experience this one too.

I saved myself the crucial part of actually travelling to Egypt. Well defined experience, Rob.

A great adventure, thank you for sharing..voted

Egypt is an amazing countries with great human-made structures.

Wow, this really sounds fascinating.

Glad you got to have the experience you desired :-)