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Kenya is a great place for a vacation if you like historical sites. The Portuguese settled in Kenya for a time along the coast and were envolved in trading. They were always being attacked by the Omani Arabs so they finally left. You can visit the Gede ruins that were once a Swahili town.
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Anywhere else you will go in the world you will surely find some amazing and astonishing rock formations. Balancing rock formations are fascinating geological formations which are popular tourist attractions. These fascinating rock formations could be manmade or natural. There are several balancing rocks from around the world and one of the amazing balancing rock formations is the Balancing Rocks of Zimbabwe.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 69 months ago in Africa | +5 votes | 1 comments
Tangier, Morocco is a popular stop for European tourists. Its close proximity to the European mainland make it an easy daytrip for travelers to the South of the Iberian Peninsula. FerryÂ’s running from Spain act as a gateway to the African continent for Europeans with a keen sense of adventure.
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This unique continent has so much to offer to the world such as captivating and unique tourist destinations – and of course, mouthwatering and deliciously good foods. Here are the most delicious and most popular dishes from Africa.
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Enjoy your stay in Cairo with cheap hotels and numerous low cost flights serving the region. Look at as many Cairo hotel deals you can find online for the best hotel option.
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Quiver Tree is one of the rarest plants in the world. It is also one of the most expensive trees. Quiver Tree is a unique plant that can only be found somewhere in the continent of Africa.
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A brief look at one of nature's phenomena near Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, Cecil Rhodes grave and worldÂ’s view.
Published by Jill Vance 73 months ago in Africa | +10 votes | 5 comments
When visiting a country such as Uganda it can be a little daunting understanding how to negotiate your way around the markets and stalls or how to not upset any of the local population through an unintended faux pas or error in using the correct etiquette.
Published by John Smither 73 months ago in Africa | +14 votes | 3 comments
Egypt has sand storms and while on vacation I happened to experience one to expertly explain that to readers. My wish to have the fun of being in the midst of an Egyptian sand storm was joyfully realized.
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The west African state of Cameroon is located between the nations of Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. It has a population of around 18.5 million and 230 languages are used across the country.
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Take a trip with this travel guide which includes many points for your cruise down the Nile River in Egypt. Plan a fun vacation that has a Nile cruise that will be forever remembered.
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The markets and medinaÂ’s of Marrakesh in Morocco can seem like very intimidating places for the uninitiated to conduct business and grab a bargain during their visit. This style of haggling and negotiation into buying and selling has been conducted within these markets for centuries with not a price tag in sight.
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Downloadable android applications serve as virtual travel guide to a local traveler or a new traveler who intends to travel the South African city of Johannesburg.They are available for free as well as for payment of a very nominal cost.
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The Republic of Chad is in Central Africa and has a long-established tradition of business and dining etiquette. It is one of the poorest countries in the world and welcomes foreign investment but a knowledge of French is essential to negotiate.
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Obudu Mountain Resort, a place everybody should try to be.
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