Africa's Most Famous and Delicious Dishes
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Africa's Most Famous and Delicious Dishes

This unique continent has so much to offer to the world such as captivating and unique tourist destinations – and of course, mouthwatering and deliciously good foods. Here are the most delicious and most popular dishes from Africa.

What do we have for Africa? Oftentimes, when we heard the word “Africa” the first thing that gets into our mind is a wide arid land, a desert. We think of it as a barren place that there seems to be no deliciously good dishes/foods in the continent. Well, Africa is not what you have always thought of. Actually, it is a unique continent with so much to offer to the world such as captivating and unique tourist destinations – and of course, mouthwatering and deliciously good foods.


Here are the most delicious and most popular dishes from Africa.


1.) Couscous – Algeria


Image Source


With certainty, one of Africa’s most popular and delicious dishes is the Couscous. This Berber pasta dish of semolina which is traditionally served with meat and vegetable stew is very popular in Algeria. This staple food and popular dish is also famous in other Egyptian countries such as Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.


2.) Ndole – Cameroon

Image Source


Just by looking at the picture of the Ndole is sufficient enough to convince everyone that it is indeed one of Africa’s most favorite dishes in the continent. Ndole is Cameroon’s national dish. It is made of a stew of nut and ground fish or ground beef.


3.) Cachupa – Cape Verde


Image Source


Cape Verde’s Cachupa is a famous dish known all over the world. It is a slow cooked stew of corn, beans, and fish or meat. It is regarded as the national dish of Cape Verde. There are so many variations of this Filipino dish.


4.) Ful Madames  - Egypt/Sudan/Somalia


Image Source


Ful Medames or simply Ful is a very popular dish not only in Egypt but also in other Arab and African countries. This Egyptian dish is composed of cooked and mashed fava beans and served with olive oil, onion, garlic, chopped parsley and lemon juice. This dish is also popular in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.


5.) Kushari – Egypt

Image Source


Another very popular dish from Egypt is the Kushari. It is also spelled in different ways such as koshary, kosheri or koshari. This is an Egyptian vegetarian dish of rice, macaroni, lentils and chickpeas usually topped with tomato sauce, fried onions and garlic sauce. It is an extremely popular because it is inexpensive food served at roadside stalls and restaurants all over the country.


6.) Falafel – Egypt


Image Source


Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans. This Egyptian dish is served with salads, hot sauce, pickled vegetables and drizzled with tahini-based sauces. It can also be eaten plain as a snack. It is also popular in the Middle East.


7.) Wat – Eritrea/Ethiopia


Image Source


Set aside those eating utensils because you will not need them when you eat Eritrea’s most popular dish – the Wat. This Eritrean and Ethiopian stew or curry can be prepared with beef, chicken and lamb with a variety of vegetables, and spice mixtures. Wat made of beef is called Sega Wat and wat made of chicken is called Doro Wat.


8.) Tajine – Morocco

Image Source


The North African dish called Tajine is named after the special earthenware pot in which it is cooked. There are several variations of this very popular dish. This African stew is a mixture of chicken or lamb, vegetables and dried fruits.


9.) Pastilla – Morocco

Image Source


Pastilla is a popular dish from Morocco. This elaborate meat pie is traditionally made of squab. Chicken is a good alternative if squab is not available. Fish can also be used. This delicious food  is extremely popular in Morocco and is considered as the country’s national dish.


10.) Thieboudienne  - Senegal 


Image Source


Thieboudienne is a very popular dish in Senegal. This traditional dish from Senegal is made from fish, rice and tomato sauce and other ingredients such as peanut oil and onions. Thieboudienne means “rice and fish” and it is also called Ceebu Jen.


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Comments (4)
Ranked #4 in Africa

My only objection to African continent food is Cilantro. I don't like that taste and when I was in Egypt they seemed to put that in everything just about. Great article to get people to know about different world food. thank you. Digg

The only one I have had is Falafel. Some of the others looked and sounded good. I also dont like Cilantro...Kushari looked interesting.

Great article! I see you are working your way around the continents Nobert. I actually love cilantro, but I do know what Brenda and Roberta are talking about. Cilantro has a slightly soapy aftertaste, although it taste better when combined with spices and other flavors. Also if you can find cilantro that still has its flowers with seeds, which one could find in a Moroccan market, that often taste much better than the stuff we get at the grocery stores in the States.

I enjoy all the spices in African fare. The coriander, cumin, has el-hanout, even harissa! Great article and where do we go next?